Living with a beardie...


At home:

Beardies are happy, happy and happy..

They are easily boored, so they soon find their own way of entertaining themselves (not always what WE want them to do..)

They are active, and can run and play for ever, og walk with their owner all day, and all night - if you let them.

They are cuddly, and likes being touched by their owner (well - by everyone actually!) so with the correct form of training they easily accept grooming.

They are NOT suitable as kenneldogs, to be locked away from their family all the time, although do accept these things in time and will adabt to their situation.

They usually LOVE having a beardiefriend around, and many owners soon feel the need for a second one. I recommend that one should wait at least 1,5-2 years between the first and the second beardie - so the adult one is "adult enough" to help you with the puppy in a good way



Usually they like travelling very well  - a good chance for them to see and greet new people, so of course that is superb for a beardie!

I mean that in the same way we use safety belts for us selves and our children - we also make sure that the dog is as safe as possible in the car. This often meen a cage or a safetybelt (made for dogs).

A crash happens SO fast, and can be totally devastating for all - so a good (solid) cage for the dog is absolutely a worth-while investment.



Beardies still can work as herding dogs, but they could never replace a border collie. And they never could, acctually.  

But the breeds work in different ways, so they could complement eachother in a day to day work.

If you don't have lots of sheep that needs to be herded - obedience, agility, flyball, etc works just as well as a "days work" for any beardie. They love using their brains for something fun, and are generally good problemsolvers.

They do get boored easily, so if you want a good competition-dog you really must challenge yourself to find that positive reinforcement that works for your beardie. But when you do you'll have a real crowd-pleasing, funloving and great dog to work or compete with!