One or two dogs...

What is the real truth about having more than one dog??


Well, where do I start..?

One Beardie is really easy to live with - friendly, loving to all parts of  the family, easy to bring along everywhere due to its friendly and outgoing temperament, they "look friendly", and have a really perfect size.


But the saying goes somthing like:

"Having two is like having one - having three is like having six..."


First of all - many people decide to get a second Beardie when the first one is still alive. Some buy the second a few months / years after the first - some wait untill the first one is getting rather old before getting the second one.


It really doesn't matter - as a Beardie (at any age) really loves companions - from the same or another breed - it really doesn't matter to them!

They really like to have another dogs in the family - but they never, ever forget their true mission on life - keeping their human owners happy!


Grooming two Beardies instead of one is of course twice the work! But it really doesn't feel like it (trust me!), as you get antoher kind of relationship with two dogs compared with (just) the one.


You'll get twice the hair, dust, twigs, footprints and dirt inside your home - and you really do feel the need to keep your dogs more tidy than when just having one!


Walking two Beardies isn't any problem for most people. Walking with three is more than twice the work - and four/five or six is (probably) impossible, and not really a joy for neither of you..


So my advice is: Most owners can easily have two Beardies - they'll have more fun, someone to play with and / or take care of, and the extra work  is absolutely worth it!

BUT - please let the first one grow up, getting all the training and behaviour as you like - before getting a new one (at least if it is a pup). It makes everything easier for you (except the coatcare and cleaning the house!).