Day 1 - Sunday March 7th

I do love my new car - even with ALL that stuff we're bringing - the car wasn't even close to being half-full.. 3 suitcases, 4 bags, two dogs, cages, chairs, mesh cages, puppy pen, etc..

Moses isn't allowed to travel to Brittain yet (vet.rules - I hven't bothered doing that). And luckily he isn't too bright either, so he was really, really happy when my brother took him out for a walk as we were leaving.. I think he didn't even notice that most of us was missing when he came back home.

We left at a quarter to 9 in the morning. Driving to Torp Shopping Centre (Uddevalla) in Sweden, a little shopping, drive to Malmö, bridge over to Copenhagen, and drove to Rødbyhavn (south end of Denmark). 780 kilometers in 10 hours - not really a speed record, but with three breaks, it isn't too bad, though.

Staying at Zleep Hotel (budget - "do it yourself" hotel), and with parking max 4 meters from the hotelroom door... Well - it was acctually quite perfect for us!

Picture: view of my car from the middle of the hotelroom (yes - the door there is open..)

A quiet evening, as we have a vet trip, a ferry ride AND a long drive tomorrow it felt OK to take it a little easy..

Milla and Moby was really, really pleased with the day, though. And with a tasty dinner late in the evening - they slept just as well as we did.





Milla enjoying the bed at Zleep hotel: