Day 3 - Tuesday March 9th

A day I've been worried about since we decided to go here... Car + Brittain + wrong side of the road!

But first of all - getting over the English Channel! Driving from Belgium - entering France, and following the signs to "la Manche".

Stopping at PET scheme building at the trainstaton. Stange routine - some people just showing passports and leave, some complaining about getting sore fingers from the microchipreader, some just using super-amount of time with the people working there.. Unfortunately WE were the ones that they used extra-extra time with..

I'm sure they didn't check all those super-important dates, stamps and approvals in the passports - but we got the papers in order, and sent on our way to the train.

Picture: view driving through the train. It was SO cool - and so much easier than we could even imagine.

So, what about the driving?

Well, well - if others can do it - so can I!

Well, to be honest - we really couldn't have done it without "Nora" present.

She is the voice in our Garmin GPS - and even if she is abit annoying now and again - she really was a treasure today! She got her safely passing beside London, and straight to the hotel in Birmingham!


As if all this action was enough for aday.. NOOO! When we had a great dinner at the hotel a man came in and made quite a fuss with the hotel staff. He was talking loudly, complaingin about being hungry and stealing some fruit.. The police came with two police cars (yes - with all the lights on but no siren).  The man was taken away without any more drama...

To end the day off  Milla had a good groom - but they really need to wash their feet/muzzle. My goodness how grey/dusty they get walking around in the city traffic.