Day 4 - Wednesday March 10th

Our day of rest and relaxation in Brittain.

Getting up early, taking the dogs out, eating a lovely breakfast at the hotel, walked to the local supermarked to buy some more Diet Coke, getting back to the hotel and just waiting for Carla and Mac to come..

Spent a little time grooming Moby..

Waiting and waiting - and suddenly we hear a car parking just outside our window - and Yippie, it's them!

Mac needed a couple of minutes to realize who we were, and when he did he was jumping all over us! It was really nice to see him again.

Eating yet another tasty dinner at the hotel, this time with Carla and her friend (Celtsdale kennel). Planning breakfast and drive to Crufts tomorrow... WE were planning of driving after them - they were planning to drive after us.. (really NOT looking forward to driving tomorrow!)

Around 9 in the evening I took the dogs out for the last time, gave them a good shower with LOADS of "blue shampoo" (Groomers Edge), and crawled into bed a little after 10.30..