Day 7 - Saturday March 13th

Starting early, early today.. Reaching the Eurotunnel one train too early, but we was allowed to go with them on that instead.

The very last day of driving at the wrong side of the road - but as I've acctually started to getting used to is, it really isn't too bad anymore.

Total amount kilometers when we started today: 2421... Driving, driving and driving... France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany... Full stop at the Autobahn due to a fire in a big lorry with hay (!) - took us half an hour just standing still..

Getting a little help from the GPS to drive around it - and ending up in Bremen at the Bremen Appartment Hotel around 6 in the evening. Lovely little appartment - supernice lady there not bothered by the dogs, and we were embarrassed of 12 wet feet through the house - TWICE...

Ah - forgot to tell that Mac seems to become "our" again very quickly. It really doesn't seem like he has been away at all... Moby and he are good friends, and Milla was SOOOO happy to have someone to playfight with again.