N UCh Twinklestar's Taildown New David

"David", black/white dog - born: 12/9 1986, died: 23/3 1991

My much beloved and treasured boy:

  • Born at Susannes birthday and she was co-owner of his mum 
  • Gave us our first Best Of Breed at international champ.show - on his first and my 20th birthday!
  • Was our first Best In Show winner at national shows
  • Died so tragically under an operation and left us all totally devastated.


Int Nord UCh Beagold Nikki Nort


Gb Int Nord UCh NordV-83-84 Beagold David Blue

Gb Ch Edenborough Star Turn at Beagold

Joclabar Grey Mist at Beagold

Beagold Starlight

Captain Cuddles at Beagold

Esther Bliss at Beagold

N UCh Twinklestar's Wild-Angel

Nord UCh Highglade Prince Hal at Beagold

Hamtune Hillsider Hal

Zorisaan Winter Bellarina

N UCh Twinklestar's Winter Memory

Int Nord UCh NordV-83-84 Beagold David Blue

N UCh Beagold Silver Melody