Taildown's Harley-Davidson

"Harley", brindle/white dog - born: 18/5 2013


Our very first homebred bostonboy:

23 days old


  • Only survivor in a litter of two born after a c-section
  • Full of life and perfectly marked - and will probably be extremely spoiled..
  • CCs in Norway and Sweden from juniorclass.



Dk HR Ch Bogerudyra's Mattis


Renea's Razz Ma Taz

(USA-imp. to Norway)

USA Ch Renea's Arrow Root

L-Joy's Red River Challenge Cd Rae

USA Ch Renea's Rhiannon

Renea's Razzle

USA Ch Renea's Rocket Star Man

Renea's Earl's Pride


Int Nord Uch Ba Bh Ch FinV-05 BW-06 Bdsg-09 KbhV-09
Bogerudmyra's Mina

Int Nord Uch NL B Ch Rahnee Dhao's Starmaker

USA Ch BelgW-96 Mike-Mar's Special Guy

USA Ch BelgW-96 Sisnben New Year Special)

Bogerudmyra's Tonett

Int Nord B L Pe Br Cr USA Ch Bogerudmyra's Ådne

Edna v. Trajanus

Nord Uch Bogerudmyra's Lotte


Int N It SM BHR S Ch Aubdsg-07 NordV-07 Jerome

(IT-imp. to Norway)

It Ch Cheyenne Roller Rainbow

Int USA Can D VDH Pl Ch Ny's High Roller of Radonna

Int At D VDH Ch EuW-00 Up To Date Darling


It Ch Chipuodirlo

Aida Ewabo


N Uch Amorada's Xanadu

Int BH DK Uch Octavius Bala Ville

Peru Lat.Am. Ch Am & CanW WW Petit Noir Bala Ville

Int Lat.Am Ch Gaia Della Marea Del Penades

Bogerudmyra's Lima

N S Uch SV-06 Bogerudmyra's Lage

Rahnee Dhao's Xantippe



6 days old



4 days old