Int Nord VDH UCh 

Kindle Passion Just Marvellous

Macs' kids

8. September 2008, 7 pups, one blue/white, the rest black/white

Mum: S UCh Typografen's Kitchy Kitchy Kool, "Smilla"

(Int Nord UCh Midnight's Let's Rock'n'roll Again - S UCh Typografen's Garamond Bold Italic) 

S Uch Typografen's  Neep Neep, HD-free (B)BOB junior, BOS in Sweden

Nord JW-09 Typografen's Netscape Navigator, HD-free (B), AA-C (mild), CC in Finland 14 months old

S UCh Typografen's Network Netiquette, HD-free (B)

Typografen's New Nordic Network

Typografen's Newsletter

S UCh Typografen's Noddy Nerd, HD-free (A), 

Typografen's Nooby Newbie

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30. October 2007 - 8 pups, one fawn/white, the rest blue/white

Mum: Stars At Sea Zweet Blue Sky, "Mitten"

(Int Au Cro Cz Lux Slo Ch Natterjack Jay Kay - Int Hr SCG Slo Hr Ch Breaksea Baby's In Black)

Taildown's Jasmin

N UCh Taildown's Jellybaby, BOS puppy in Norway, 5 x CCs, CACIB, BOB

Taildown's Jetlag

Taildown's Jetsetter

N UCh Taildown's Jitterbug, 4 x CCs in Norway (from 5 shows), CACIB, BOS & BOB winner

N UCh Taildown's Jukebox, BOS puppy, 4 x CCs, BOB, BIG

N UCh Taildown's Joystick,  4  x CCs, BOB from 5 shows

Taildown's Woodland Journey, export to USA, BOB puppy in USA


Joystick, Journey and Jukebox...




2. December 2009 - 5 pups, one black/white, four brown/white

Mum: Nice-Looking Finny Lue, "Finny"

(D VDH Pl Ch Essandsee off the Peg - Nice-Looking Black Bonny Bonita)

Pictures, and more info, is found by clicking: HERE.

Nice Looking Hannes White Socks

Nice-Looking Happy Black Angel

Nice-Looking Henry Brown

Nice-Looking Hope Hokulani

Nice-Looking Hot Chocolate Emy



5. December 2009 - 7 pups, three black/white, four blue/white 

Mum: Gretchen von der Rohrbachau, "Grete",

Aut D VDH Ch Chance Remake von der Rohrbachau - Philemon Tinker Bell)

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Häger v.d. Rohrbachau

Harvey v.d. Rohrbachau
Heiko v.d. Rohrbachau
Henrik v.d. Rohrbachau
Harry v.d. Rohrbachau 
Henriette v.d.Rohrbachau
Hermine v.d. Rohrbachau
18.04.2010 - 4 pups, three brown/white, one blue/white
Mum: Pl D VDH Ch Kindle Passion Charlotte, "Jette"
(Gb Ch Gillaber Drummond - Int Nl B Lux Cz Pl Ch WW-00 Firtprizebears Very Brown)
Pictures, and more info, is found by clicking: HERE.
Kindle Passion Carmel Sunday
Kindle Passion Choice  Pride
Kindle Passion Cinnamon
Kindle Passion Curacao Blue
28.04.2010 - 5 pups, fawn, brown and black
Mum: Elisa von der Rohrbachau, "Elli"
(D JCh D VDH Pl Ch Essandsee off the Peg - Biene von der Rohrbachau)
Pictures, and more info, is found by clicking: HERE.
Colours of Snuggle Dogs 
Colours of Snuggle Dogs
Colours of Snuggle Dogs
Colours of Snuggle Dogs
Colours of Snuggle Dogs
07.06.2012 - 6 pups, blue, fawn, brown and black
Mum: N UCh Alistair's I Get A Kick Out Of You
(S UCh Shorelines Devoted To Shaw - Alistair's X-Travaganza)
Mollycoddle's Just My Style,
N JV-13 Mollycoddle's Just The Spirit
Mollycoddle's Just A Flirt
Mollycoddle's Just Do It!, HD/AA free (A)
Mollycoddle's Just For Fun
N JV-13 DK JV-13 NV-13 Mollycoddles Just Taildown, HD/AA free (A)