N UCh Taildown Look Who Is Talking

"Merlin", brown/white dog - born: 14/11 1993, died: 2004

The brown teddy

(Picture coming soon)


  • The first Taildown'er to win Best In Show at a nat. champ.show
  • Born in a litter where all 6 became champions
  • HD-E
  • Most winning male in Norway 2001 and 2002
  • 14 CCs, BIS junior at a clubshow, several group placings
  • Moved away from home at the age of two, and lived a long an happy life nearby our home



S N UCh Chriscaro Cagney


Gb Ch Potterdale Conclusion

Potterdale Anderson at Ramsgrove

Gb Ch Blumberg Hadriana of Potterdale

Gb Ch Chriscaro Chianti

Gb Ch Orora's Frank

Lincalder Wild Thyme at Chriscaro

Int Nord UCh NordV-94 VV-95 KbhV-96 Binbusy Invocation

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Potterdale Encore

Willowmead Simply Super

Gb Ch Binbusy Cadence

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