Int Nord UCh NordV-02-06 NV-03-06 KbhV-04 SV-07 Breaksea Norwegian Wood

Moby's kids:


26. December 2003, 8 black/white pups

Mum: Quarry's Michelle, "Busan"

         (S N UCh Sammara Observer - S UCh Quarry's Flashy Fleur)

N S UCh Quarry's Unforgettable Uno, "Uno", HD-free (A) and AA-free, Group Winner in Norway , no.14 top winning male in Norway 2006 , no. 10 in 2007

Quarry's Union Jack, "Tiger", HD-free (A) and AA-free,

S N UCh Quarry's Unique, HD-free (A) and AA-free, CACIB, BOB and Group placed, no. 13 most winning bitch in Sweden 2006, Groupwinner at KC show in Sweden

Nord UCh Quarry's Utopia, HD- free (A) and AA-free, kept by the breeder, "Gina" winning BOB pup in Sweden,  no. 7 top winning bitch in Norway 2006, no 6 in 2007

Quarry's Ulysses

Quarry's Umbrella

Quarry's Undine

Quarry's Uppercut



8. January 2004 - 9 black/white pups

Mum: Beastly's Tomorrow Never Knows, "Luise"

         (Int Nord UCh Binbusy Quotation - S UCh Alistair's Just A Zweetie)

Nordic (S Dk Fin) UCh Beastly's Never Mind, "Nelly", HD-free (A) and AA-free, kept by the breeder. CACIB and group placed in Sweden, no. 7 most winning bitch in Sweden 2006, no. 2 in 2007, mother of ch. at kennel Beastly, Sweden

Int Mne BiH Port Ch Beastly's Nevermore Without You, "Lord" - HD-free (B) and AA-free, exported to Spain, BIS puppy, 7 CCs and 2 CACIBs in Spain, * champion in Montenegro and Bosnia/Hercegovina and Portugal.

Beastly's Never Say Never,"Axel", HD-free (A) and AA-free, BOB puppy in Sweden, exported to Finland

Beastly's Never A Dull Moment, "Archie" - HP

Beastly's Never The Same, "Texas", BOB puppy in Sweden,

Beastly's Nevertheless, "Ivana" - exported to Norway

Beastly's Never By Myself, "Tanja"

Beastly's Now or Never, "Stina"

Beastly's You Never Know, "Ruffa" - HD-free (A) and AA-free, HP in Sweden,



18. August 2004, 6 black/white pups

Mum: Ramzo's Gaia Gabriella, "Gaia" (2 CCs),

         (N UCh Taildown's Special Touch - Ramzo's Sacha Sofia)

Ramzo's Jhåda, HP in Norway

Ramzo's Jade

Ramzo's Janto

Ramzo's Jimmy

Ramzo's Jippo

Ramzo's Julius



16. January 2005, 9 black/white pups

Mum: N UCh Taildown's Back In Business, "Müsli",

         (Int Nord UCh SV-00-01 NV-00 NordV-01 HeatherMist Everybody's Business -

         Int Nord UCh NordV-00-02 NV.00-01-02 KbhV-01 Taildown's To Be Or Not To Be)

Fashionpack's Jolly Jumper, HD-free (A), BOB pup  in Sweden; HP in Sweden, HP and CK in Norway

Fashionpack's Jolly Good Fellow, HD-free (A), AA-C (mild)

Fashionpack's Jaqueline, CK in Sweden

Fashionpack's Joy Stick

Fashionpack's Jericho

Fashionpack's Jasmine

Fashionpack's Jezebel

Fashionpack's Jojoba

Fashionpack's Jippie



6. February 2005, 6 black/white pups

Mum: N UCh Farmaren's Why Do It, "Alice",

         (Multi Ch Offenbach De Chester - Ch Farmaren's Icing On The Cake)

N UCh Artic Wool's All Over, "Mia", HD-free (A) and AA-free, kept by the breeder, several BIS-puppy in Norway

Artic Wool's All Up, "Sascha" - BIS.2 puppy

Artic Wool's All In One,

Artic Wool's All Right,

Artic Wool's All Time High,

Artic Wool's All Very Well,



27. May 2005, 8 black/white pups

Mum: S UCh Goonie's Dream Poem, "Millie",

         (Nord UCh Potterdale Excellence - Int Nord UCh Taildown's Once Upon a Time)

Goonie's Golly Miss Mollie, "Mollie", HD-free (B) and AA-free, kept by the breeder, CC in Sweden 

Fin S UCh Goonie's Gimme Gimme, "Gimme", HD-free (A), AA-free, eyes tested (free), exported to Finland, res.CACIB in Finland,

Goonie's Gizmo Cracker, HD-free (A)

Goonie's Guardian Angel,

Goonie's Gummie Bear,

Goonie's Gal Rosemallow,

Goonie's Gingersnap,

Goonie's Grace'N-Glory,



26. Sept. 2005, 4 black/white pups

Mum: N UCh Just Unique Ronja Da Mia Cuccia, "Ronja",

         (N UCh NV-01 Taildown's Special Touch - Highland Magic's Always Flashing)

N Dk UCh Frida, HD: C (mild), kept by the breeder,  CACIB in Denmark

Winnie, HD-free (B), BIS puppy in Norway, BOS at her first show as an adult (9 months and 2 days old), no. 7 top winning bitch in Norway 2007, 2 CCs, qualified for Crufts 2007

Zara, HD-free (A)

Asterix, exported to Denmark, BOB puppy in Denmark



6. June 2006, 6 black/white pups

Mum: Certain's Ella Fitzgerald, "Ella",

         (S UCh Barkly Quest For Fame - Certain's Amazing Amanda)

Certain's Pure Magic, "Zorro", HD-free (B), AA-free, Approved herdingability test in Sweden

LP1 Certain's Summer Magic, "Ellen", HD-free (A/B), AA-free, BOB puppy in Sweden, MH-tested

Certain's Black Magic, "Hobbe",  BOS puppy in Sweden, CK in Sweden

Certain's Magic Dream, "Nikie", HD-free (B), AA-free

Certain's Magic Star, "Balder"

Certain's Magic Touch, "Bamse", HD-free (A), AA-free,



29. December 2006, 1 black/white pup

Mum: N Dk UCh Certified Mollycoddle, "Diesel",

         (N UCh Certified Decoy - N S UCh Potterdale Virginia)

N UCh Mollycoddle's The One, "Theon", HD-free (A), AA-free, kept by the breeder, BIG and BIS.2 as a puppy, BOB puppy in Sweden, CACIB and in Norway



10. November 2007, 5 black/white pups

Mum: Beardcaper's How Do You Do, "Helga",

         (N UCh Certified Decoy - Beardcaper's Xciting Destiny)

Beardcaper's Night Air

Beardcaper's Night And Day, HD-free (B) and AA-free

S N UCh Beardcaper's Night Live, HD-free (A),  res.CACIB in Norway 

Beardcaper's Night SkyHD-free (A), AA-free, export to Norway

S UCh Beardcaper's Night Vision, HD-free (A) , AA-free, res.CACIB in Sweden


14. May 2010, 8 black/white pups

Mum: Multi Ch WW-08-09 Firstprizebear Cony Island, "Cony",

         (Gb Ch Gillaber Drummond - Int Ch Firstprizebear's Very Brown)

WW Junior -11, EUW Junior-11 Double Scotch Black Rob Roy

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 

Double Scotch 




1. January 2012, 8 black/white pups

Mum:  Nord UCh Svassas Born Sweet, "Flingan",

         (Int Pl Vdh Saudade De Shalemaar - Nord UCh S LCh SV-03 NordV-95 Alistair's Watch Out)











11. January 2012, 9 black/white pups

Mum:  Honeytaste Dream on Baby, "Fröet",

         (Int S Fin Hu Ru LV UCh LV EstV-10 Woolpack's Quality Sweet - DK S UChHoneytaste Quite a Lady)