Tuesday 6th October

In the morning: BC Agility rally and trial about 8 miles from the hotel. We didn't go there, as we were still suffering from some "jetlag". But we groomed and gave Dean a bath - even if it wasn't that much needed anyway.

I was really, really impressed by the grooming areas and the outdoor bathing fasilities.  Really impressiv having all that ready for the exhibitors! (Picture taken on Thursday - Connie in the bath)

Checking out the vendors that started setting up their things from about noon. Alot of beautiful and fun beardie-things to buy! (Yes, I did spend some money there....)

At 19.00 it was a Welcome Party - great fun, meeting up with "old and new" friends again.

Started to visit the Hospitality room regularly. Always something to do there - a raffle, getting something cold to drink, a snack, or just meeting someone from the club. A good idea to have - really..