Wednesday 7th October

In the morning: BC Obedience and rally Trials here at the hotel.

At 11.30 Futurity (show competition in the Ballroom where the Sweepstakes are being held later on today).

Entered a raffle (lottery for us scandinavians) with 20 dollars - won a 150 dollar bottle of wine! (incl. two beardie-glass) 

Puppy Sweepstakes! Dean was so cute there. 7 in the class, and he behaved "so so", but was happy, friendly and just the big baby he is.. Untill the last lap around the ring he was 4th - but the one behind us was placed just infront of him in the lineup, unfortunately.

Veteran Sweepstakes - what a thrill to se so many BEAUTIFUL veterans! In fabulous condition, happy and moving better than most beardie we have at home. Fantastic, and I was really impressed.

Eating a lovely dinner at the hotel. They have the best service and food - although not the most inexpensive...