Thursday 8th October

Deans day at the Special.

The judging started at 8.00 (way to early, I think!). A clean, brushed, trimmed and "powdered" big blue boy entered the ring as a winner (of course). Coming out of it - just as happy, with an equally happy handler and the rosette for 4th place.

17.30 - 40th Anniversary Gala. Coctails, dinner, great entertainment by 4 crazy, and funny beardiepeople: My Fair Beardie. Great fun!!

About 20 the auction started. I had brought one of these dog blankets with beardie on - and it was one of the early objects there (unfortunately - as the bidding got better and better later on). But it made 225 dollars for the club, and I would guess that thats about 4 times what I paid for it, so...


I bid on a couple of things, and got my favourite thing on the whole table... (to a absolutely reasonable price as well - I want to add!).

Neither the fiddle or the handpainted little table moved to Norway though - even if they were gorgeous!