Sunday 11th October

Saying my godbyes to Ruth Ann and the beardies at 7 in the morning. Definately not envying her the drive all the way back to Delaware.  But I really don't look forward to mine next 20 hours either!

Taxi came to pick me up at 7.15 - and just about everything went well at Philadelphia airport except one tiny little thing - my creditcard got "misplaced", lost or whatever you might call it. Called my bank and got it cancelled. Got it back at the boarding desk, though - so I just hope no one has used it in the 30 minutes I didn't know it was lost...

Minneapolis International Airport (Lindbergh Terminal, actually) to Philadelpjia Airport: 9.45 - 13.15 (local time in Philly, so the flight was 2,5 hours)

Philadelphia Airport - to Frankfurt airport: 16.45 (half an hour delay, close to overweight of the plane). Landing 23.50 - or as they say in Frankfurt: 5.50...

Suddenly it was Monday morning instead of Sunday evening. Strange! Seeng the sun going both down and up at the same flight.

Let me tell you: Frankfurt Airport is BIG! Especially walking all the way from one end to the other..AND wondering where you find this transfer desk... Okey, I found it quite easily (about in the middle of my brisk morning walk). Got my ticket, through security again. Walked, walked and walked again - bought a baguette and a diet coke and continued walking.. At 7.05 I got to the gate, in plenty of time for the flight - but still.

Only one "little" flight left - and I'll be home!

Franfurt to Oslo: 7.55 landed in Oslo around 9.50. Both my suitcases had made the whole trip incl two transfers) with me - which acctually impresses me!

Got home greeted by very, VERY happy dogs. And then I slept... and slept...