Wednesday 30th September

What could have been a relaxing day with just dog-cuddling to do, ended up in a shoppingspree, quite a few new clothes and other fun (and or practical) items.

AND I finally got to taste KFC again (for the first time in decades!). Lunch there is still to be recommended.

In the evening I got to come a little "to work" in the sence that we went to some place with horseracing. Not that we even saw one single horse, but a great meal of prime rib and a small taste of Casino! More slotmachines than you could count.. I wish I could say that I made some winnings, and I acctually did win 7$, but since I bet 20, I guess that's not nearly close enough to a new car (or something)... 

I did leave the casino with a check though - for $ 0,01.

A little dogtraining (not nearly enough!), a little grooming and bathing.. And voilą - the day was over!

Noticing an interesting little thing: isn't it strange that "dogpeople" always seems to have something to talk about? Ruth Anne and I just never seems to run out of stuff to talk about! Very, very strange...