Friday 2nd October

Again the Hatboro Dog Club's all breeds show in Wrightstown in Pennsylvania.

Back to the showground again, same place, same time, even the same parkingspace - another judge, of course (today: Mrs Lee Canalizo, USA).

Two blue ribbons (first place) and Reserve for Dean and Winners bitch for Connie. Their behaviour in the ring was if not better, at least different! Not sure what to say about that - better, worse? Don't know, but I think it's moving along the right way anyway.

Now we have a few days before the next show for Dean (Wednesday) - so we'll do our best to get him up to standard for the competition he'll meet there.

Getting back "home" again to Wilmington, it was time for the grocery store. And WOW was I impressed with the selection. Okey - of course there were a million things there we don't have at home. But the variety was just overwelming. F.eks. OREO cookies. We have four different types of those at home. HERE we quickly counted to 19!! And the green one (the filling) with mint flavour was just as delicious as one could think...

And as a curiosity - the sales of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are well on their way! There are decorations available everywere, and they really doesn't cost anything either...

Except for the Oreo's  - I also tasted peanutbutter and jelly sandwich for the first time... AND "ding-dongs"... And guess what? They were great!

A big day tomorrow, alot to do, alot to see and I'm looking forward to it.