Our history in the dog world...



The “Taildown” history started with our first baby-beardie that I got at a gift for my 14th birthday.

Little did my parent know what would come of this dog-obsession of mine...

N UCh Twinklestar's Jhimmye Blue, "Jimmy", a blue/white male (1981 – 1986, temperament problem). (Gb Int Nord UCh NordV-83-84 Beagold David Blue - Int Nord UCh Twinklestar's Blue O-Shima (a daugher of Int Nord UCh Tamevalley Easter Hymn - Farmaren's Black Odessa)



Vi bought Jimmy’s half-brother “Dennis”. N UCh Twinklestar's Blue Highlander, blue/white male (1983 – 1991, liver/kidney failure) - (Int Nord UCh Beagold Nikki Nort - Int Nord UCh Twinklestar's Blue O-Shima)


Our first black/white male, and the first "real showdog" - N S UCh Twinklestar's Taildown New David ("David"). (Int Nord UCh Beagold Nikki Nort – N S Uch Twinklestar's Wild-Angel that I co-owned with the breeder)


David won our first Best In Show title.
We started to look around in Brittain for a nice bitch, and did we ever?!


We brought home a black/white puppy bitch from Denise and Graham Atkins - N S UCh Labooshar Special Edition ("Sammy", 1987-2002) from their own (and later: our!): Int N S Uch Colgaret Max of Labooshar - Gb Ch Tamevalley Folk Lyric of Labooshar.

AND Rosie and Steve Haywood let us buy the beautiful Int Nord UCh NordV-1994 WW-1995 KbhV-1996 Binbusy Invocation ("Muffin" 1988-2002). Muffin was top winning Beardie in Norway for 5 years running (7 years as most winning bitch).

Due a business arrangement we also got Twinklestar’s Last Chance, “Jenna”  (Int Nord UCh Beagold Nikki Nort - N Uch Twinklestar’s Charming Marthine). Jenna got a really bad bite and missed some teeth, so she was rehomed when she was about a year old to great people where she lived happily ever after to a grand old age.


Sammy became champion, but decided that she didn't like showing too much. This suited us very well, as Muffin (only 8 months younger) soon became the breed recordholder of CCs (24!), before she was old enough to get the title. (Here in Scandinavia dogs do not compete for CCs after the title is won).

Muffin is the only beardie winning Best In Show at international champ.show here in Norway (and she did it three times!), she has numerous wins that we'd like to tell you about - so we do that on her own page.


The first Taildown-litter was born. From our “Sammy” and the lovely brown N S Uch Chriscaro Connery (“Sean”). We got the joy to have Sean staying here for a few weeks to show him, and easily got his Norwegian and Swedish showtitles.


We got our dreams answered and finally was able to have Sammy’s dad “Max” here (after nagging since late in '87): Int N S UCh Colgaret Max of Labooshar ("Max" 1986 - 1999), and he was from: Gb Ch Potterdale Philosopher - Alnesaire Blue Jezabelle.

Max mated Muffin for her first litter (our second litter), and we combined our two lines of bitches. Several really lovely beardies came from that combination, and it was a real shame that only two were shown more than once (both became champions).

And we got a tiny little cuddly American Cocker Spaniel (Goodness Gracious, called "Millie", that unfortunately had epilepsy, 1991-1994).


Our third litter was born – from Sammy and S N Uch Moonhill’s Touch Of Class (“Bluey”). We decided to keep the only blue male, but got the oppprtunity to buy a lovely brown/white bitchpuppy  from Rosie and Steve Haywood, so we let him go to nice people living just a coupe of hours away.

This bitch was N S UCh Binbusy Notation ("Muppet" - Gb Ch Potterdale Philanderer -  Gb Ch Binbusy Cadence).  A top quality brown bitch, but lacking the charisma (as most of them do!) of ther half-sister Muffin.  Even so, she easily won her titles, but decided that she didn't like Muffin at all, and we found another loving home for her at the age of 3 years old.

This year we also bought a superfriendly, beautiful and adorable little Skye Terrier bitch - Int Nord Ch NordV-1998 NV-1995-99 Fairsky's I Got A Feeling (“Maggie", 1992-2002). She was always great fun, lots of tailwagging, and happily "singing" and always smelling like yasmine (yes, some Skye's acctually does that!).


Our fourth litter – from Muffin and S N Uch Chriscaro Cagney. A gorgeous litter of 6 where they all took their champion titles with (more or less) ease.

We kept a gorgeous brown/white dog from this litter - N S UCh Taildown's Look Who Is Talking (“Merlin”). Merlin gave us the enormous thrill of (for the first time) hearing over the loudspeakers at a show: "Best In Show is the "Bearded Collie - Taildown's ....!!"

Merlin had severe HD and needed more attention than we felt we could give him, so we rehomed him just 10 minutes away from here, and we meet him often still.


Our fifth litter – Sammy again, and this time she was mated to the swedish Int Nord Uch Woolpack’s Night Surprice (“Bärtil”). This was Sammy’s third and final litter.

Not much show-wize came out of this litter, but 9 lovely family members.


We kept a brown bitch from our sixth litter – Muffin’s third and final one. “Dad” was the top winning Swedish dog Int Nord Uch Potterdale Illusion (“Kalle”). The one we kept was (still is!)  Int Nord UCh NordV-00-02 NV-00-01-02 KbhV-01 Taildown's To Be Or Not To Be (“Minnie”).

All four dogs who was shown from this litter became champions, one of them was the winning bitch in Sweden for two years running (“Sanne”). And not to forget our own Minnie - top winning Beardie in Norway for 5 years running (7 years as most winning bitch) – just as her mum before her!

Another Skye Terrier came to live with us, a male imported from England - Nord UCh NV-96-97-99 Kirkleyditch Ringleader ("Marco", 1995-2000, temperament).


Our seventh litter came into the world. This time it was Muppet that was the mum, and dad again was “Bluey” (dad of our third litter). Not a good combination for us, even if the parents were the most lovely beardies. Strange how things looks on paper, and feels when you are going over the dogs - and still the combination doesn't turn out at all how we expected. BUT lovely temperament and friendly familymembers - and that should be enough, really...


The blue pup that we “gave up” from our third litter – in 1992 - was offered back to us. We loved to take him, and this was - N UCh NV-01 Taildown's Special Touch ("Colin", 1992 - 2004).


From 1996 to 2000 we had a break in our breeding programme, as we were waiting for the 6th litter to grow up, and do their winnings.

But in 2000 Minnie had her first, and only litter, mated to the Top Winning Male in Sweden – Int Nord Uch Heathermist Everybody’s Business ("Picasso").

We kept a black/white bitch: N Uch Taildown's Back In Business (“Müsli”).

In November '01 she went to live with a Swedish beardie breeder/exhibitor as she never got along to well with her mum. 


The year started very badly for us, with the deaths of Sammy, Muffin and Maggie in only 3 months time - we tried to keep "our chins up" and our hopes turns for the future.

Again we went to Brittain for a new dog – and what a dog!

Int Nord Uch NordV-02 NV-03 KbhV-04 Breaksea Norwegian Wood, "Moby" was brought home from Gill & Alan Burfitt (Breaksea Kennels, Wales). 

Moby broke Muffin’s CC record with his over 30 CCs, won the Nordic Winner-title at only 10 months of age, and won group after group even as a youngster.

We also borrowed a black/white bitch from a very good friend of mine – N Uch Certified Just In Time (“Barbie”). She easily became champion, but after two times trying to have pups from her we let her move back to her owner again. 

Minnie was mated to our own Colin, but got a severe case of pyometra, whish all all ended in a operation for her - and we just had to realize that we'll never have more pups from her.


Moby continued his "winning ways" both at home - and in the showring, And was the most winning Beardie this year. Breeders from both Norway and Sweden have used him as a stud, and lovely pups are growing up.


At Moby's first try in Open Class (dogs over 2 years) he gained his Norwegian and Danish Showtitle at first possible try - only 2 years and 9 days old.

He continued his winnings and became the most winning beardie again - with Minnie on a solid 2. place and most winning bitch (7th year in a row!)

Having Müsli home for a few weeks vacation in Jan./Feb.resulted in us getting the 17th Taildown champion made up.

With only two Beardies at home, we felt that we really would like to have "just one more".. The choice wasn't difficult as we wanted another Breaksea-pup. One litter after another came and went, but at the end of the year "our" pup was finally born!


In January we brought home Breaksea Bounty, "Milla", a black/white little girl from the gorgeous Ch Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove and Breaksea Rhapsody in Black - a bitch SO much the same type as our beloved Sammy (and that's never a bad sign..).

Due to different circumstances we got the offer to have a 10 months old bitch from Slovenia in May. And the pedigree, the pictures we got and the fact that she was BLUE made it impossible for us to say no. So Stars At Sea Zweet Blue Sky, “Mitten” suddenly became Norwegian... She is after Multi Ch Natterjack Jay Kay and our Mobys littersister Slo Ch Breaksea Baby In Black.

Milla started her showcarrer with winning CC’s at her first two shows, and qualified for Crufts at her fourth show in Juniorclass, after a splendid puppycarreer.

Mitten started straight into adult classes  with honours, but as Milla was dreadful with her coat..


Beardies living here: Minnie, Moby, Mitten and Milla.

Moby did it again - was top winning beardie in Norway, and even got both the Norwegian and Nordic Winnertitle this year.

Milla got her Norwegian champion title.

Mitten gave us our first litter in almost 7 years - on December 7th.  This will for always be a very special litter for us, as these were acctually grandchildren of our own Muffin.


Well... In the beginning of the year we just couldn't let that brown little puppydog leave - so Mitten and Scott's son "Moses" stayed here at home - Taildown's In Your Dreams.  Really NOT a part of the "master plan" as our new blue boy "Mac" (Kindle Passion Just Marvellous) from Germany came to live with us in February.

Mac just was one ot those "you hear of" (a friend told me in a mail that she had got him back from the owners, etc..). And he looked so marvellous (hence the name - Kindle Passion Just Marvellous!), so I just couldn't let him go by.

Mitten and Milla decided that they didn't like eachother that much, so after careful concideration we placed Mitten to a super family on breeding terms.

Milla wasn't shown much, but gained her Swedish and Danish title easily (now: Nordic Champion).

Mac proved that it wasn't just us that thought he was quite marvellous - he took the showring with storm in his first year out.

At the end of the year we had to say the final goodbye to lovely Minnie.

And straight before Christmas we mated Mitten for the second and last time.


Milla finished her Int title, Mac his Norwegian and Danish one. Mac also got the res. CAC at the World Dog Show, so he made his mark this year..

Moby won the Top Winning Beardie in Norway again - for the sixth year in a row! And won the group at an Int show twice.

Moses got all his CCs for the title, but didn't get old enough to get the title itself this year.

Mitten didn't get the pups we planned for at the beginning of the year, but in the end of October she gave birth to the 10th Taildown litter. This time we acctually owned both the mum and dad of the litter - something we haven't done since our litter in Oct. 1991 with Muffin and Max.

The year passed with us here at home with our four beardies: Moby, Milla, Mac and Moses.



Mac got his res CAC from the Word Dog Show approved as a CC – so he got his Nordic Ch title. In July he went back home with his breeder, Carla Podlich to compete a little in his old homeland, Germany. He stayed out the year there.

Moses got his last CCs for his title – Norwegian Champion, and late in the year he got a haircut.

Moby was acctually retired, but after Mac left I just had to do a little showing with hem – even if ha already have missed all the big shows. But he ended up at 3 most winning male with only 4 shows under his belt. So I guess he showed the younger ones anyway...

Milla was shown a few times, and getting the last CACIBs she needed for her Int. ch.title.

I went on a fabulous 2 week holiday to the USA, to visit our only «baby» there – Dean and his owners. A fabulous trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.

The last half of the year we only had three beardies at home: Moby, Milla and Moses.


A fabulous event at the start of the year - Monica and I took Moby and Milla with us and left for CRUFTS in March. Meeting up with Carla and Mac there, and getting Mac with us back home. No placings for any of mine at the show - but still a trip I will remember for years!

World Winnershow in Denmark in the summer. And a trip to visit Bogerudmyra Kennel while we were there got us the fabulous little Moxy with us home. She is a boston terrier - Bogerudmyras Lotte.

Milla had her coat cut off - just a holiday from showing untill she is a veteran, I think. We tried to mate her a couple of times, but it didn't result in any little babies. Unfortunately, as she is really a lovely bitch.

Moby was again shown very few times - now in veteran class. He finished as  Most winning male in the beardieclub, and no. 5 top winning veteran all breeds in Norway.

Mac was just shown a couple of times this year - much more enjoying his new role as a chewtoy for Moxy...

Moses left us to live with his halfsister Pita - getting much more attention and cuddles than I had to give him. He LOVE his new home.

Showed a few of the "puppies" from the last litter, and two of them was made up to champions this year. Two others got well on their way...

Mac and I was a short trip in Germany in September - Mac won his VDH champion title with ease - bringing home the Best In Show rosette from the show as well..

Penny (Fashionpack's Princess Penny) came with us home from Sweden (our restingplace for the Germanytrip). A super friend for Moxy (same age), and a FUN beardie to live with and love. We found the best home for her around newyear.



The year started in the most devastating way with the death of Monica. She will be forever and truly missed.

And I find myself again in sort of a crossroad in re. of the dogs. Three wonderful beardies here at home - Moby (9), Milla (6,5) and Mac (4,5). All earned their place in our hearts, and will stay with me untill they grow old and grey. And the I have the little new and slightly strange Moxy the boston terrier (1 soon).

No puppies this year either, just a good showing year. The two "other" Taildowners from our last litter got their champ.titles easily, campaining both Moby and Mac this year with splendid results. Moxy won several national CCs in Norway and one CC in Sweden.

Moby, Milla, Mac and Moxy have been living with us - all have found their place in the "pack" and being good friends throughout the year.



Yet another year mostly remembered for the loss of a great friend - Hilde. She fought cancer for as long as she could but lost the battle in September. No words can cover the sorrow and loss I feel.

On the brighter side of the year was of course the arrival of little Messi. The first beardie bitch puppy I've had in 8 years... She is a daughter of my Mac and from a very good friends breeding.

Moby had yet another fabulous year in the showring, and I decided it is now time to end his showcarreer. He will hopefully still have some years left, just enjoying himself relaxing and not have to show off all the time. 

Milla finally turned 8 years old (to enter the veteran class) - and had a formidable start to her carreer as a veteran. I truly love showing her - and she thinks it is just as fun as ever!

Moxy got her last CC for the Nordic championtitle, and Messi started on several puppyshows. Messi really enjoying showing, so it can only get better and better..

Lets just hope that 2013 will be without any tragedies...