Showresults 2013

Currently showing the following dogs:
Milla: Int Nord UCh DkVV-12 NordVV-12 NordV-12 Breaksea Bounty
Mac: Int Nord VDH Ch Kindle Passion Just Marvellous
Moxy: Nord UCh Bogerudmyra's Lotte (Boston Terrier)
Penny: N UCh Fashionpack's Princess Penny
Messi: DKJV-13 NJV-13 NV-13 Mollycoddle's Just Taildown
Handling for friends:
Mio: DKJV-13 Honeybob's Exclusive



09.02.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judge: Johan Andersson, SE

BOS puppy: Messi


16-17.03 - Int. in Kristiansand, judges: BT: Sara Nordin, SE / BC: Robert Kanas (Slo)

CK, best bitch, CACIB, BOB, BIG.4: Moxy

CK, best male, BOB: Mac

CC, best bitch, BOS: Messi

CK, 4. best bitch, BOB veteran, BIS.4 veteran: Milla

CK, 3. best bitch: Penny


27.04.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judge: Wilhelmine van Deijl, NL

Exc, 2. in junior: Messi


04.05.2013 - Int. in Ålesund, judge: Dick Rutten, NL

CK, 2 best male: Mac

CK, res CC, 2, best bitch: Messi

CK, BOB veteran, BIS.3 veteran: Milla


01.06.2013 - Clubshow in Svelvik, judge: Don Moir (Wenaria Kennel), GB

CK, 4. best bitch, res CC, BIS junior: Messi

CK, 2. in veteran class: Milla


13.07.2013 - Nat. show at Vålerbanen, judge: Helge Werner Hagen, NO

CC, best bitch, BOB, BIG.2: Messi

CK, 4 best bitch, BOB veteran: Milla


14.07.2013 - Nat. show at Vålerbanen, judge: Malgorzata Supronowicz

CC, 2 best bitch: Messi

CK, best bitch, BOS, BOB veteran: Milla


28.07.2013 - Nat. in Råde, judge: Diego Ramalho, POR 

CC, BOB, Best In Group: Messi


03.08.2013 - Nat. in Nesbyen, judge: Miklos Levente

Messi and Milla: entered but not shown due to terrible rain.


04.08.2013 - Nat. in Nesbyen, judge: Sean Delmar, IE

CC, BOB, BIG.3: Messi

CK, 3 best bitch, BOB veteran, BIS.4 veteran: Milla


24.08.2013 - Clubshow in Vestby, judge: Laurent Heinesche, Lux

Exc.: Moxy


25.08.2013 - NKK Int. in Oslo, judge: Päivi Eerola, FI 

CK, res. CC, 3 best bitch, qualified for Crufts: Messi


30.08.2013 - in Trondheim, judge: Des Manton, IE

CK, BOS: Mac

CC, 2. best bitch: Messi


01.09.2013 - Nat in Trondheim, judge: Edith Stotesz

CK, BOS: Mac

CC, 2. best bitch: Messi


14.09.2013 - NKK Int. ch. show in Rogaland, judges: Ulf Bråthen, DK (BC) & Inger Ronander, NO (BT)





22.09.2013 - Puppyshow in Rakkestad, judge: Christina G Johansen, NO

BOB puppy: Harley


15.09.2013 - NKK Int in Rogaland, judges: Ulf Bråthen, NO (BC), Inger Ronander, NO (BT)


CK, BOS: Mac



18.09.2013 - Puppyshow in Askim, judge: Steinar Balken, NO

Harley not shown (lame after being stepped on at the show)


12.10.2013 - Nat in Letohallen, judge: Eva Nielsen, SE

CC, 2. best bitch: Messi


13.10.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judge: Nils Molin, SE

CC, BOB: Messi


26.10.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judges: Karl-Erik Johansson, SE (BC), Terje Lindstrøm, NO (BT)

BOS puppy: Harley

CK, res.CC, 2. best bitch: Messi 


27.10.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judges: Benny Blid von Schedwin, SE (BC), Anne-M Haugsten Hansen, NO (BT)

CC, BOB, Best In Group: Messi

BOS puppy: Harley


02.11.2013 - DKK Int. in Herning, Denmark, judges: Rita Kadike Skadina, LT (BC),  Zsolt Lokodi Csaba, RO (BT)

2. best baby male: Harley

CK, 3. ch. bitch: Moxy

CC, 2. best bitch, res. CACIB: Messi

CK., 2. vet. bitch: Milla


03.11.2013 - DKK Int. in Herning, Denmark - Danish Winnershow, judges: Carol Mulcahy, AU (BC), Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, FI (BT)

BOB baby puppy: Harley

CACIB, BOB, Danish Winner 2013: Moxy

CK, res. CC, Danish Junior Winner 2013, 3. best bitch: Messi

CK, 2. best bitch, BOB veteran, Danish Veteran Winner: Milla

CC, Danish Junior Winner 2013: Mio


16.11.2013 - NKK Int. in Lillestrøm - Norwegian Winnershow, judge: Johan Andersson, SE

Norwegian Junior Winner, CC, Norwegian Winner, BOS: Messi


28.12.2013 - Nat. in Letohallen, judge: Kurt Nilsson, SE

CC, BOS: Messi