"BCCA 2009"

Planning it for months and months - still it comes almost like a surprise when the day is suddenly there.. (click on the day to read more)

Day 1 - Coming to America - getting there

Day 2 - Sightseeing in The Big Apple, and Christmas (?)

Day 3 - Empire State Building and going to Wilmington, Delaware

Day 4 - Cuddling with the dogs and going to a casino 

Day 5 - Dog show in Wrightstown, Pennsylvania and Walmart

Day 6 - Dogshow in Wrighgstown, Pennsylvania, grocery shopping and Oreos

Day 7- Lancaster County (Amish)

Day 8 - On the road

Day 9 - Arrival in Minnesota

Day 10- Welcome party

Day 11 - Showtime for Dean again

Day 12 - The Special show begins, Anniversary Gala and Auction

Day 13 - Judging of the bitches, Judges Education Seminar and the Cheescake Factory

Day 14 - Judging of BOB, Awards Dinner - my last night in USA

Day 15/16 - Going home